Welcome to the 2020 homeschool convention season!

We're here. You're why.

Welcome! While we find our world a little smaller and draw a little closer courtesy of COVID-19 , we are delighted to visit with you here. We hope we can help your family plan new learning adventures together! Grab a cup of coffee and make yourself at home.

If you are new to Bright Ideas Press, we invite you to take a look around! You'll find details about each of our product features, sample pages, tables of content, answers to frequently asked questions, and reviews from homeschool families like yours.

If you're a long-time fan you'll find old favorites, fresh updates, and maybe a new addition or two since you last visted.

Our products are available for retail purchase through your favorite homeschool resellers, such as: themysteryofhistory.com, rainbowresource.com, christianbook.com, and timberdoodle.com.

As a thank you for visiting during the conference season, we'd love to share a few of our favorite literature study guides with your family. We hope they'll bring you treasured moments of coming together to learn and grow with one another. It's a time for that.

May God bless your family.

3 Free Literature study guides just for visiting!
...and we'll keep you in the know.

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